The idea behind the creation of the Aquator system was born due to the deterioration of the quality of water intended for drinking. It concerns the protection of water quality in crisis situations caused by ecological disasters and failures as well as the increasing use of the water supply network.

The system can be used to treat water of various origins, such as wells, rivers, lakes, ground and underground water. It can also be used to improve the quality of tap water but it is not acceptable due to periodic exceedances of some acceptable norm values, stabilizing its parameters. It improves the taste and smell. The system protects against bacteriological contamination, chemical and radioactivity, guaranteeing the highest quality of drinking water.

It allows the use of a single-family house, a block of flats as well as a housing estate on every scale. It does not require additional infrastructure, it works automatically, in a flow.

The AQUATOR Water Treatment System is a series of devices that are applicable in the absence of basic water quality data or variable water quality.

The range of potentially hazardous substances to be removed (from drinking water).


Heavy metal cations (such as Fe iron, Mg manganese, Cu2 + copper, Ni2 + nickel, Pb2 + lead, etc., and specific toxicants, such as Hg2 + mercury, Cd2 + cadmium, Tl2 + tal, Ar3 As3 + arsenic and others).

Anions as nitrates NO3-, nitrites NO2-, PO4 phosphates, CrO42- chromates, CN- cyanides (also cyanide complexes with metal cations), AsO33- arsenites and AsO43- arsenates, S2- sulphides, and many others: inorganic as well as organic anions, such as PhO- phenolates, anions of R-SO3 anionic detergents, etc.

Harmful and dangerous microorganisms: bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae, protozoa, (also clostridia and

cryptosporidium bacteria).


It is possible to extend the systems efficiency range for special applications. If special requirements are required, the user must identify the contaminants to be eliminated from treated water. Because we have extensive knowledge about ion-exchange techniques as well as experience in individual chemical processes, solutions can be applied immediately, with the guarantee of their full effectiveness.

This applies to both pollution loads as well as the location of the intake (surface water).

In this situation, we use attachments that meet

In the case of chemical contamination, it is an additional filter or filtration system (eg cesium trapping) or a pump system and mechanical filtration in the case of surface water or deep well power.


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